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1) Do I need to pay for membership or enrollment fee?
No membership or enrollment fee is required to access our program.
2) Does your pharmacy have a physical location?
Yes, our pharmacy is located at 2600 k Ave, suite 223. Plano, Texas 75074. Patients are welcome to pick up medications at our pharmacy.
3) How do I send in my prescriptions and payment?

Please have your healthcare provider fax your prescription to 972-767-3657. Your physician can also E-prescribe your prescriptions. Gaines Pharmacy is in the SureScripts network under Gaines Pharmacy, 2600 K Ave, Suite 223, Plano, Texas 75074.

Once we receive your prescription from your doctor’s office, we will contact you for payment or send you a payment link and answer all questions that you might have regarding your order.

4) Where do you get your medications?
All of our medications are FDA approved. We purchase medications from the pharmaceutical manufacture and recognized, licensed national drug wholesaler. All of our wholesalers are licensed by the state of Texas.
5) Do you dispense controlled substances?
We don’t sell any controlled substances.
6) Can I fill my medications at your pharmacy when I have private insurance or other insurances?
Yes, you can because our program was created for everyone. Our prices are often lower than your regular insurance copay and most dermatology products are not always covered by your insurance.
7) Why the medications that I received are looking different than my previous medication (color, shape, manufacture) and shown on your website?
The pictures shown on our website are for illustration only. There are several manufactures of the same drug for generic medications, sometimes different colors and shapes. If you have a manufacture preference, please let us know and we will try to order it for you.